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Kav Ratzif synchronizes the bus to the train schedule

New! Kav Ratzif in Mazkeret Batya Starting on May 30th 2019, with the opening of the Mazkeret Batya railway station, new bus routes will run to the stations.
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About Kav Ratzif

Kav Ratzif is a project designed to provide passengers on public transport with a continuous route, as short as possible and with minimal waiting times, by creating precise lines and routes that allow you to switch easily from bus to train (and vice versa).
The project, initiated by the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety in cooperation with Israel Railways, combines bus and train services - a combination that enables thousands of passengers to reach their workplaces using just public transport.

As part of the project, new bus lines are available to and from train stations - in short and convenient routes - and existing lines have been improved. Bus schedules are adapted to the train’s schedules, so that each bus reaches the train station a few minutes before the train leaves, and waits for a few minutes for passengers arriving by train.

  • Kav Ratzif service routes are designed so that the bus travel time to the train station will not exceed 20-30 minutes, without the need to change buses. The frequency of bus lines to train stations has been increased to serve a maximum of train departures.
  • Kav Ratzif offers a combined bus and train ticket at a reduced price.
  • As part of the project, designated bus bays with passenger waiting shelters have been constructed at train station entrances. Direction signs, travel maps and electronic information screens have been installed to enable real-time travel planning.

Kav Ratzif Routes

  • North
  • Center
  • South
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Travel Information

Kav Ratzif enables the purchase of a "Hofshi-Hodshi" monthly travel pass that combines train and bus travel to select destinations at reduced fares.

Two types of "Hofshi-Hodshi" can be purchased:

Combined Ticket:
Monthly bus pass in the city of departure or destination city + monthly train pass.

Triple Ticket:
Monthly bus pass in the city of departure + monthly train pass + monthly bus pass in the destination city.

Tickets can be purchased at Israel Railways train stations using Rav-Kav.

The full list of tickets can be found on the Israel Railways website.

To purchase a metropolitan travel pass >

The Israel Railways website